Useful advice on finding a perfect bra or a panty set

Every woman knows how hard it can be to find a bra that would fit perfectly (at an adequate price), particularly taking into account the fact that there is no fail-proof calculator of your bra-size. No matter how meticulous you are you cannot avoid numerous trials and errors in process. Do you belong to those who are never sure what bra to select? Don’t worry, you have come to the right place. In this article, we have collected some tips that can help you to avoid crucial mistakes in choosing your bra or a bra-panty set and to make the process of much easier and more effective.

The first thing you should remember is how to measure your size correctly. Take a tape measure and put it around your chest, below your underarms. Press it firmly against your body to identify your band size. After that, measure around your fullest part of the bustline (not so tightly). Finally, subtract your first measurement from your bust second one. This way, you will know your cup size.

Do you have no idea about what cup sizes A, B, C, D, etc. actually mean? Well, this is easy indeed. After you have measured around the largest part of your breasts (your bust line) and your chest under your underarms and subtracted the latter from the former, you will get a difference that will generally range from ½ to 4 inches, each meaning one size. Use this table to guide you:

Cup Size:Difference:
AA Cup½ inch
A Cup1 inch
B Cup2 inches
C Cup3 inches
D Cup4 inches

Now that you have calculated your size, you can pass on to selecting your bra. Do not forget that the band is the most crucial thing to take into account as it is responsible for giving your bust the support it requires. You should opt for the band that is secure, which means not super tight but not too loose at the same time.

Another important thing is the area between the cups called center gore. If chosen incorrectly, it can create a lot of problems. If everything is fine, you should not be able to stick a finger under it. This way, you will prevent your breasts from slipping out.

Cups of your bra should always look smooth and full. There should not be any “pockets” in them. It is also important to have no spillage on the sides. An underwire bra should fit comfortably. When you try it on, move a bit to make sure that the wire does not hurt you.

Straps of your bra should be adjustable so that you can regulate them depending on the apparel you are going to wear. They should rest on your shoulders without digging or pinching. Ideally, there should appear no reddish prints at the end of the day. If you see that the straps slip off your shoulders, and the problem does not disappear when you adjust them, you should look for a different model.

Good luck with your choice!

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