How to Choose Your Perfect Panty Styles

Right lingerie plays an important role in any woman’s life. To feel comfortable and confident, you need to find the perfect bras and panties. But there are so many styles of lingerie so how to pick up what flatters your figure? For example, how to choose the right panty styles? 

Did you know that to buy panties, you need to know your booty shape? This is the most essential aspect of getting perfect lingerie. 

There are a number of most common booty shapes: A-shape, V-shape, square, round, and heart-shape. And, of course, each one has a panty style that suits more. 


If you have fuller thighs and wider hips, this might be your booty shape. As you have emphatic thighs, you can look for panty styles that have larger leg holes that are cut higher on the leg like Sexy Seamless Panties for Women or Three Solid Thongs for Women


If your bums are fullest and roundest at the top near the widest point of your hips, it might be V-shaped booty. Ideally, you should look for boyshorts or hipsters. These panty styles will make your booty more rounded and be comfortable to wear. For example, look at Set of 3 Low Rise Women’s Cheeky Panties


When your hips pretty much the same width as your waist, you might have a square booty.  If you’re seeking to make your butt look fuller all around, you might try a boyshort, or another panty style that doesn’t have a high cut legshape. 


The round booty is evenly full throughout, projecting outward from top to bottom. If you have a round bum, you’re a lucky lady – basically, any panty style is flattering on you. So, you can select any panties from our huge collection of lingerie


A bum that’s wider on the bottom, with full cheeks, and more narrow on the top is heart-shaped. If this is your shape, you might look for panty cuts that visibly lift the booty since the fullness is all in the lower part of your backside. It might be strings or tongs

Well, now online shopping for lingerie won’t be tough! Using this knowledge, you can buy high-quality lingerie that does justice to your figure. 

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