How to choose lingerie according to your body type

Now that you already know the basic rules concerning the choice of lingerie, you should pass on to identifying which of the thousands of models offered in shops will suit you. But how to understand it if you have not tried them on? Don’t worry, we are here to help you with a couple of useful tips. In this blog, we will teach you how to select lingerie according to your body type.


Do you imagine a sand-filled hourglass?  This body type derives its name from it. It is easy to recognize by shoulders that have approximately the same width as the hips, while the waist is much narrower and tapers inwards. If you are lucky to have the hourglass type, you will look gorgeous in any of the lingerie styles. However, if you want to emphasize your waistline, opt for a teddy, a garter belt, or a corset.


Triangle shaped figures are about coveted curves: hips are considerably broader than shoulders. If you want to accentuate your hips, a matching set, thong, teddy, brassiere or v-cut panties are exactly what you are looking for. By contrast, if your purpose is to make your body look more balanced, opt for lingerie that draws the viewer’s attention to the upper part of your body. A bustier, a corset, or a push-up bra will cope with the trick.


This type of figure is also known as the column. The rectangular shape is typically associated with athletic bodies. The key difference with the hourglass figure is the absence of sharp contrast with waist, with shoulders and hips will aligning to form a sleek silhouette. Obviously, if you have this body type, you should look for lingerie that will make an emphasis on your waist making it better defined. Try corsets, camisoles, and bustiers. Also, you can use lacey details, ruffles, and frills that will certainly look flattering on your figure.

Inverted Triangle

If you take the triangle body and put it upside down, you will get an inverted triangle characterized by comparatively broad shoulders, a big bust, and a narrow waist, which is visually aligned with hips. Such figures are often sportive and appear as a result of professional swimming or gymnastics. As for suitable lingerie, the teddy style is your best solution because it allows making your shoulders look narrower and elongating the body. At the same time, teddy looks sexy indeed. Do not buy elaborately decorated bras – opt for simple and sleek models. All the decorations such as frills and ruffles should go to your panties to create a balanced look. You can also consider wearing kimonos or negligees.


If you are a curvy lady with a big bust and broad hips, while your waist is not prominent, you fall under the apple body type. Therefore, you need lingerie that will accentuate your most seductive parts and enhance your curves. Consider purchasing a chemise or a baby-doll dress.

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