Bra selection – when to wear what

Have you already learned how to choose the right bra selection that will emphasize the benefits of your body and hide its flaws? Even if you are an expert in that, you can still make another mistake which is quite common among women. We are talking about not knowing which model suite which outfit. Indeed, lace popping out of T-shirts, peeking bra straps, or a bra band showing underneath backless dresses are just several among numerous mistakes that can spoil your look. Luckily, today, every woman has an enormous choice of all types of bras for any outfit. In this blog, we will teach you how to combine your bras with clothes to look flawless on any occasion.

1) T-shirt bra.  T-shirt bras are considered the most comfortable of all. Since the are very smooth and do not have any unnecessary lines or decorations, you can easily wear them under any closely fitted outfits, including tops and T-shirts. You will always feel confident that nothing is showing underneath.

2) Nude bra. Nude bras have been created for those who always feel confused with what to wear white clothes. Such bras blend perfectly with the color of your skin and stay almost invisible under your white outfits, so you do not have to worry whether the color of your bra is darker or whiter.

3) Balconette bra. Do you like wearing broad neck tops? Balconette bras have been specifically created for them! They have wide-set straps and cover a bit less than regular cups so that you could avoid bra peeks.

4) Strapless bra. It is quite obvious that strapless bras are intended for shoulder-baring clothing. Many of them come with removable straps, which makes them universal.

5) Plunge bra. If you are among those who love low neck dresses and tops, you should definitely have a couple of plunge bras in your wardrobe. Their low neckline makes them perfect for low cut clothes.

6) Transparent bra. Do you have a big bust size? In this case, a strapless bra will hardly be a good solution for you. Don’t worry, you can equally use transparent bras that have a transparent back band and straps, which are almost completely invisible.

7) Multiway bra. Though in some cases you have to look for a particular bra type, you can use a multiway bra with your everyday clothes because it can easily be adapted to any common outfit with the help of detachable straps.

8) Sports bra. Are you a regular gym visitor? Besides offering you support and comfort, sports bras also considerably elevate your look.

9) Silicon cups. If you want to create a red carpet look, you surely need silicon cups. They stick to your breasts without any additional straps. So, if you are doing to wear something tricky, they will be the best choice.

10) Cage bra. Cage bras can enhance your look by ensuring great support to your breasts. Moreover, they really look edgy when they pop from your favorite dress or T-shirt.

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